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Drumming Cover : Incubus – Wish You Were Here

Drummer – Jonathan Davis

Hey everyone!

I thought i would upload an afternoon wind down session playing to Incubus. This is a spinet of Wish You Were Here off the album Morning view. I really get inspired by Incubus and the way Jose plays and attacks the groove, Hope you enjoy!

Cheers Jonathan Davis



Studio Session Drumming: Jonathan Davis

Song: Eating Apples By The River

Artist: JDE 

Hey Everyone,

This track titled ‘Eating Apples By The River’ was written by myself A.K.A ‘JDE” for the purpose of jamming something a new. I enjoy playing grooves that i can add chops to and by adding a few random time signatures at the end was just an experiment.

Hope you enjoy!
Jonathan Davis


Drumming Cover : Limp Bizkkit – Nookie

Drummer – Jonathan Davis

Hey Everyone,

A big inspiration to me growing up was John Otto from Limp Bizkit.

His power grooves and intricate fills help shape the way i approach drumming.
I chose to jam to Nookie off the Album Significant Other so i hope you enjoy it.

Jonathan Davis


Drumming Cover : Trippie Redd – Overweight

Drummer – Jonathan Davis

Hey Everyone!

Here is another track from my arvo wind down session, the track is ‘Overweight” by new artist Trippie Redd. I had a heap of fun playing drums to this groove using some Paradiddle combos between the hi hats.


Jonathan Davis


Drum Cover : Bjork – Army Of Me

Drummer – Jonathan Davis

Hey Guys,

I love Drumming as you all know and i often like to end my day by tearing apart a song by just playing whatever you want whenever. Bjork’s music is amazing and full of layers, and as a drummer her percussive vocals give me a stack of inspiration to create a strong pulse in the groove also throwing in a stack of extra notes.

This track is titled ‘Army Of Me‘ i hope you enjoy!!

Jonathan Davis


Katrina Marlow – Here In My Room – Incubus


Hey Everyone,

Click the Link to check out Katrina Marlow’s drum cover of “here in my room” by Incubus.

Katrina has only been learning and playing Drums in Brisbane a very short time. She has progressed and reached the goals she has set for herself and we are already working on the next project!!

Im personally proud of Kat for the natural focus, passion and dedication she has for Drumming.

Well Done!!

Looking forward to future videos from Katrina!!

Thank you & Enjoy!
Jonathan Davis


Dave Hemingway – Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman


Hey Everyone,

Here is a video featuring Dave Hemingway who has only been playing and Learning Drums for a little over 2 months now.

Dave is playing to ‘Give me one reason’ by Tracy Chapman as a song chosen to adapt a strong eighth note ‘soul blues’ groove.

He successfully recorded this Drum Video first take and has improved consistency and technicality with a solid practice regime.

It shows anything is possible with a passion for Drumming and Practice!!


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