About Us

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of musicians with experience in the music industry both through performing and recording. Our focus is about developing the drum skills/ musicianship as follows:

  • Setting reasonable goals with each student.
  • Using the best resources available to enhance the learning experience.
  • Creating a friendly environment where learning is fun!

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You Will Need

Below is a bar graph of what I expect from all of my students.



's Vision

To provide a practical application of the skills I have acquired on an individual students level.

  • To teach within the students needs 
  • To get 100% out of each session
  • Provide practical information about the industry 
  • Provide feedback through recording 
  • Maximise individual characteristics 
Why Choose Us?
  1. We teach practical skills that can be used in the industry.
  2. We have recording equipment to enhance your understanding of your skill level.
  3. We have great understanding of individuals personalities to provide them with unique experience.